You’ve written something you’re proud of. You think it’s some of your best work. You want others to have the chance to read it. So, you submit it for publication. But what happens next?
V Press LC receives quite a few submissions for its Running with Water anthology and for books to be published. Because the anthology allows all genres and doesn’t have a set theme, the submissions vary greatly, as do the genres of the books submitted. Writers share their moving poetry, thrilling nonfiction, and entertaining fiction in the hopes of being published, of being accessible to readers across the world.
As an intern at V Press LC, I have had the pleasure of reading many of these submissions. This has been such a neat experience for me. I have been exposed to so many different styles and techniques that I had not seen before. I’ve stepped outside of my comfort zone when it comes to genres. I’ve read things that I probably would not have read otherwise.
These submissions, your submissions, have made me a better reader and writer, and I know they do the same for anyone else who comes across them. Each submission bears the mark of its author’s love and hard work. Your willingness to share your work affects so many people, whether it’s someone simply reading it and enjoying it or someone reading it and thinking they can write an amazing story of their own.
Sharing your work is not easy. It opens you up to the potential for rejection. It shines a spotlight on your imperfections. But taking that brave step can be the ripple that starts a wave. You gain experience as a writer. You learn how to handle praise and constructive criticism. You have the chance to see your work in print. Readers will be exposed to your writing. They will see the truth in it, and the beauty of the story you are sharing. They will be impacted by it and come away changed, just as anyone does after reading a strong piece. Who knows what this could inspire in a reader? Who knows where this could take them?
If you let your words run like water, they will trickle down to the people who need their power the most.